Twitter releases new collage feature

Geeks need to try!

Twitter, the famous microblogging platform has recently released the new functionality that allows from moblie to upload multiple photos to create a collage

The new collage option that lets you share up to four photos in a single tweet. Select the images and it will tile them into a neat rectangle. Previously you would need a third-party app to make a collage. The only minus is that the option is available only for Iphines on the 6.3 app version.

In addition to that Twitter has released a tagging funcitonality, yet not so innovative for Facebook or Istagram users. the advantage is that  image tags won’t count against a tweet’s 140-character limit. Any tagged images will pop up under the Interactions tab, just like regular tweets in which you are mentioned.

source Mashable Twitter Collage


Engagement rate vs Faceboolk like

Engagement rate gives a far more accurate picture of what is happening on Facebook

When the rest of your competitors are focusing on the number of likes, you should be focusing on engagement. Most people like a page because they see their friends do so or because they liked that particular brand at a certain point in time. Most people forget about the pages they liked so a high number of likes on a page does not necessarily mean that the brand is doing well.

Even with very high numbers of likes, many business pages see few interaction with fans and followers and their content goes mostly ignored. On the other hand, when a high number people are talking about the brand, even if the number of likes is relatively low, it means that more people are mentioning the brand on Facebook, liking its content, sharing its content and generally recommending the page to others. As a result, a high engagement rate is much more valuable than the number of likes. The engagement rate shows you how many people are connecting with your brand and how often and a high engagement rate means that more people are commenting, liking, sharing and mentioning your brand and its content.

A high engagement rate means that the potential reach of your brand is much greater. Instead of worrying about trying to get more people to like your page, you should work harder on trying to get them to engage with your content more on Facebook.

G+ turning an ordinary photo into something extraordinary

Selfie is the new trend on social sharing for visul imagery

Savvy Google has just released  Auto Awesome Photobombs, you too can get a celebrity photobomb!

Upload a new self-portrait, or a group photo with friends, and leave some room for The Hoff. He might just make your photo a little more #Hoffsome,” says Google in the announcement.



Now Twitter Lets You Make Multiple Timelines



via Now Twitter Lets You Make Multiple Timelines.

Facebook Hashtags

Facebook is constantly seeking for new business tools to be offered to marketers inside its platform.

Today they have announced the use of clickable hashtags. As they borrowed “@” to mention other profiles on conversations on Twitter. The giant Social Network will use #tags to enable realtime conversations but also to boost ad investment as well.

Check out more @Mashable Facebook Hashtags Take a Page From Twitters Ad Business

Apple iWatch

Soo geek.. We’ll love it

Grey campaign against child abuse. Brillant yet simple

Not always complexity is the key to success, nor to effectiveness of an ADV campaign

Check out the campaign againsts child abuse currently running in Spain. You will be surprised.

The Facebook News Feed

Multimedia content is the new trend in social media. The booming of new photo sharing paltforms further confirms that user attitude is moving to a greater engagement in videos and photos rather then contents. A photo is indedd worth a thousand words, it has no language boundaries and  is more impressive to their minds.

Well, Facebook seems to be well aware of and here come the new news feed redisign. Last week  they released a redesign on the news feed where audiovisual imagery is the king.

YOu can preview it at

Be aware that the relase is not available to all Facebooker, nevertheless you ca apply  in the preview page if you’re logged in on facebook.


Google plus overview

Google plus is still not fully at its momentum. Maybe in a few years?
Today being present means for sure exploiting its SEO potentiality and be at the forefront in your social media strategy.
It is important to have Google+ presence, first because it is Google, and you highly need to play game, second beeing an early adopter today, will bring you more +1s tomorrow.
As your community grows and becomes more loyal, you might also see more users sharing your content.

Learn more in this interesting blog post,


Social Media serve better CRM