Working in Social Media

Working as social media manager it’s not all about posting, tweeting and publishing videos.
It has more to do with a 360 approach : engaging, listening and monitoring the conversation.
A key role in this job is played by strategic approach and determination to succeed.

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The value of Social Media professionals


Smart light

A clever lighting system at home is possibile thanks to the new Hue led lights controlled by iOS.
Just imagine, you can control your timers, moods and colours remotely from your iPhone/iPad.

The Agriculture Industry Goes Social

The long tail concept is always right..not only consumer brands have put in place online integrated strategies.

If you look at a nicheslike the agricultural sector on the internet you will be surprised by the number of agribusinesses, farmers and agricultural associations that are joining the online conversation.

In my experience as digital marketer in the agricultural sector I have seen quite impressive case histories and strategies.

Check out also @Mashable  interesting article to learn what being a smart farmer means

The Agriculture Industry Goes Social.

People analytics

Effective listening is the line of demarcation for companies that are perceived to be customer-centric by their customers.

More importantly, listening to all voices of the customers is a foundation capability for customer-centric maturity. You can’t improve if you don’t listen!

Following this assumption brands that decide be on board and set up a solid and long term social media presence must listen to the opinion, suggestions and likely complaints of their followers.

It comes that community management and monitoring become key to the success of a brand online strategy. On top of that the cycle of communication to be virtuous needs to be closed by responding proactively to your audience when it comes to critical situations.

Brand sentiment monitoring softwares and classic analytic stools, are only the start to understand the voice of your audience…and maybe think about people analytics!

Understanding Facebook’s EdgeRank

Facebook pages ranking


Facebook Edge Rank Algorithm

4 are the  main factors that measure the reach of your posts like Google PageRange

1. the level of interaction fans have with your posts

2. People’s reaction to your posts

3. The interaction of fans with the type of contents you post i.e. photos, video

4. Complaints your posts receive, that are likely to  be less shown in the News Feed

Understanding Facebook’s EdgeRank | Social Media Today.

Not a Hoax: Facebook Might Have to Give You Ten Bucks

Not a Hoax: Facebook Might Have to Give US Ten Bucks.